All day Christmas meditation December 16th from 8 to 4 pm

Please arrive 10 minutes before 8 so we can begin promptly with energization exercises. Breaks for those wishing to depart early or arrive late will be from 11 to 11:30 and from 1:30 to 2 pm. Also:

  • Bring beverages and snacks as desired
  • Please don’t wear fragrances as some people are very sensitive to them and become ill.
  • Bring any meditation gear desired including – ear plugs or covers, Aum boards, blankets, shawls, malas, cushions.
  • There will be chanting, singing and inward dancing/yoga movements at times throughout the day. This is an inward time and the communion is with Christ.. Let us all rise in Christ consciousness by maintaining silence and devotion even during breaks.
  • The last 20 minutes of the day everyone is invited to participate in a joyful offering of Light to Christ!


New Years Dinner & Kirtan 5-9 pm Ananda house December 31st (Gururpriya’s)