Welcome To Ananda

Experience the joy within your own self.


Ananda is a place of awakening, spiritual upliftment, and divine friendship

based on the meditation practices and teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

A Place of Awakening

Ananda of York Maine, a spiritual sanctuary and resource center in since 1998, is one of many Ananda Centers dedicated to practicing and sharing the precepts of Self-Realization as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

We welcome your attendance at our weekly Saturday meditationsmonthly Sunday service and ongoing activities with fellow truth seekers. May you experience the consciousness of inner joy and the presence of the Divine in every moment of your life.

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 - 2020 - 


Sunday Services 

Purification Ceremony & Festival Of Light

Second Sunday of the month 10am- 12pm

See Calendar for dates.



2020 Ananda New England Spring Retreat

APRIL 24-26, Mercy by the Sea Retreat Center, Madison, CT



100th Anniversary of Yogananda's Arrival in Boston

September 18-20, Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Finding Happiness

The Ananda practices, based on the teachings of Parmahansa Yogananda, have been applied to great success and harmony around the world. Finding Happiness is a movie that chronicles the founding and thriving of a village in North Columbia, California. Most of “Finding Happiness” was shot on location at the Ananda Village in northern California, near Nevada City.

Founded in 1968 on 67 acres of land near the tiny Gold Rush town of North Columbia, Ananda has become a thriving village, with 900 acres, 250 permanent residents, nearly 100 homes, schools from K-8 through college, an infrastructure that includes its own water, energy, and telephone systems, biodynamic and permaculture farms, a yoga and meditation retreat, a publishing house, and a wide variety of community-owned and private businesses. Ananda Village is part of a network of intentional communities that span the globe